Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TOW the game

FRIENDS was my first real tv obsession. I own all the seasons on VHS (showing my age...) and dvd. Multiple copies actually, as a real FRIENDS fan will be able to tell you that unless you own the special edition dvds there are a few minutes cut out of each episode. Shame on you NBC.

Being the huge fan I am, I of course, own all the board games and dvd game. One of the best episodes ever is TOW The Embryos AKA the one with Ross's game. In a classic episode of guys vs girls, Chandler and Joey compete against Monica and Rachel for their apartment.

Unfortunately the store bought version of Ross's game is not specific to the television show. Instead it is a general game you play with your own friends in a guys vs girls situation. Of course I had to remedy this situation and create a replica of Ross' game. Made on a sheet of cardboard just like Ross's, I did try my best to imitate "his" writing.

Categories include: Fears and Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature and It's All Relative.

The first few questions are exactly the same ones that are used in the episode. The other cards hold questions that I made up myself.

Lightning Round!! Kept in a sealed envelope, lightning round is only brought around in the event of a tie.

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