Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time to be...

I "made" this clock for the Terribly Important SOB swap on Craftster. It wasn't difficult and I plan on doing more as soon as inspiration strikes! The clock came apart fairly easily although I did manage to bend the clock arms - don't worry, I fixed them!

I just love the number scrapbooking paper used for the background. I wish I had written down who made it.

The words on the clock say:
1 - wonderful 7 - amazing
2 - appreciated 8 - stunning
3 - legendary 9 - worshiped
4 - majestic 10 - awe-inspiring
5 - perfect 11 - beautiful
6 - astonishing 12 - awesome

Hanging on the wall with the 'Queen of Awesome' banner I also made.

Photos courtesy of my dear partner, Rossie. Thanks!

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