Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Visitor Challenge themes

I am hosting the Little Visitor swap over on Craftster and since it is such a long swap, each round running for three months we almost always have at least one flaker :(

We are doing our best to ensure that doesn't happen this round and I have a team of wonderful ladies helping with many different tasks so that we can stay on top of any potential situations. I have also introduced a photo challenge to try and encourage the swappers to take and post photos! At the moment it is just for fun with no winners or prizes. I'll see how well this goes and if seems to be successful I will let the swappers vote for a winning photo each week. The winner can receive a prize in the mail - maybe a postcard?

So with a weekly challenge that lasts for at least 3 MONTHS I need a LOT of challenge themes!
Here's what I have so far:

Week 1 - something blue
Week 2 - water
Week 3 - magical
Week 4 - childhood
Week 5 - something crafty
Week 6 - architectural detail
Week 7 - something beginning with the letter 'C'

I made the cute banners at puresilvabannermaker. They are just so adorable as well as very simple to put together!

Do you have any ideas for some fun themes that we can use?
Pirates? Baking? Stripes and spots? Science fiction?

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