Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to make a magic wand

There was no way I could dress up as Hermione Granger without a magic wand! I found this AMAZING tutorial on www.instructables.com. It was ridiculously easy to make and it looks just awesome. I don't think it is actually possible to make a "bad" wand with this tute! Everybody thought that I bought the wand - I was so proud!

What you need:
+ A4 paper
+ Double-sided tape
+ Super glue
+ Hot glue
+ Scissors
+ Spray paint
+ Paint.

What to do (this is just a quick overview. Please go to the original website for the complete tutorial):

1. Stick double-sided tape diagonally across an A4 piece of paper.
2. Roll the paper and glue the end down.
3. Cut each end off the wand so that it is straight.
4. Fill each end of the wand with hot glue.
5. Decorate the wand using hot glue.

I covered one end completely in hot glue to make a handle.

Putting the detail in the middle of the wand was actually very tricky - i'm obviously not versed well enough in glue-gun!

6. Spray paint the wand. I used black paint and gave it 2 coats. I really liked the wand just like this and was extremely tempted to just leave it as it was.

7. Paint the wand. I used brown and gold paint. I didn't have to distress the paint separately as the brown paint I used was a wipe off paint anyway.

And here is the final product with my scarf, sweater and prefect badge!

I also made a miniature wand for Alfred's costume. It is so small!

For size comparison, here it is beside my wand.

Alfred and his wand.

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