Thursday, December 2, 2010

NCIS tarot cards

My partner in the NCIS swap on Craftster also happened to be in the tarot card swap which I had been unable to join. Combining the two seemed the perfect excuse to get both out of my system! :)

Finding the correct screen captures turned out to be the most difficult part of the whole process, but i'm fairly happy with the end result.

Let me know if you can think of better moments or captures for the many cards I did not make. I plan on making a set for myself one day and using them as wall art so that I don't have to alter both sides of the card!

This is the box the cards are kept in. Altered with paper, stamps, stickers and a drawing of Abbey done by Kate in one of the early episodes.

I managed to even find a quote about tarot straight from the show! I knew straight away it was a sign that I was meant to be making these cards. I can't remember the characters name that said the quote but she was a small town Sheriff with a crush on Gibbs.

And now the cards. For these I altered novelty giant playing cards - about 3"x5" in size. They were so easy to work with! Much better than the pokemon cards i've used before.

O - The Fool
Like these was anyone else's face that could belong on this card!

The back of each card is made with a corresponding paper and has 'NCIS tarot' stamped onto it.

I - The Magician
I was extremely unsure with this card. Ducky is not really the saving lives type of doctor that might be equated with a magician. But what he does and who he is are both pretty magical. Plus, I really love the picture. Sadly, the camera flash made some of the detail disappear.

III - The Empress
I was completely against making Jenny the Empress, but my sister insisted that it was supposed to be her card. Especially since I was making Gibbs the Emperor. I'm not sure where my head was when I chose the photo - it's awful!

IV - The Emperor
The Boss Man. I like that this card has a somewhat patriotic feel to it. I can't recall if Vance was a character when I made these - perhaps this should have been his card. Although I do not like him.

VI - The Lovers
I had not planned on making this card because although relationships have been had or hinted at, there are not any couples within the main cast. Plus, i'm a die-hard Kate/Tony fan so that probably would have upset some people! I did not want to use future couples (Toby/Ziva anyone?) or former relationships. None of them seemed to fit... and then I remembered! I just love Dinozzo!

VII - The Chariot
The NCIS van! Hands down, the most difficult capture to locate.

IX - The Hermit
Gibbs in his basement. This was probably on par with the van. Getting Gibbs and his boat is the same frame doesn't happen too often!

XV - The Devil
I do love me some Fornell, but he IS F.B.I!

XI - Strength
McGee carrying Kate - with his eyes closed so he doesn't get accused of looking up her skirt! I just loved their relationship! I think the episode was See No Evil (2x01) with Abigail Breslin.

XIII - Death
I was not going to make this card either because I did not think it would be particularly tasteful to have one of Ducky's cadavers on a card. Then I recalled a picture a certain Italian Special Agent had once drawn....

Queens of Wands
Wand/gun.... same thing, right?

and saving the best till last...

The Queen of Cups
Abs and her Cafpow!

All together. Pretty!

Suggestions of other cards I could make next time? Are there any moments or characters which perfectly suit any of the cards below?

The Hangman, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun, Judgement, The World, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, Temperance (Bones tarot cards??) and then of course the four tarot suits - swords, wands, coins and cups.

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