Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NCIS crime scene scarf

Last year I watched 3 episode of NCIS in a row having never watched any before. I mean, it was just another crime show, right? WRONG.

After those 3 episodes I became a crazy obsessed fan and went and bought the first 2 seasons on DVD. And now I craft for the show. My dream is to crochet a pillow with Gibbs Rules on it - just like Kate references in the pilot.

I wanted to make a crime scene tape scarf and there are plenty available online, even free patterns - sadly, all way beyond my abilities. So instead I turned to crochet. It took a really long time to make this as I cannot follow a crochet pattern either. Mid way through I gave up on the pattern and went back to basics.

For the lettering I cut out felt letters and stitched them on. I think that it turned out looking fairly cute. Or at the very least you can tell that it supposed to be crime scene tape. Right?

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  1. This amazing!! well done to you!!, i am also a super fan of NCIS and im actually in the process of making a huge NCIS cake, good to find another NCIS lover!!