Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chocolate mug cake

I found a recipe today on Maker*land's blog to make a cake in a mug. Since there was nobody home and my plan for dinner had consisted of toast and honey, I decided that this would be the perfect desert.

I stayed true to the Maker*land's recipe although I did consider switching the oil for butter. The only time that I have ever used oil for baking a cake is when I lived in the US and made packet cakes. I much prefer to use butter, but as this was my first microwaved cake I decided to not mix things up just incase I messed things up!

The ingredients

Mix 4 Tbspn plain flour, 3 Tbspn sugar, 2 Tbspn cocoa and 1 egg. This is what the ingredients look like before mixing.

After mixing you are left with a VERY thick mixture.

Add 3 Tbspn milk, 3 Tbspn veggie oil and a few drops of vanilla essence. Eww. Oil floating on top of milk, floating on top of cake batter.

Stir well until it actually resembles cake mix!

The recipe said to microwave for 2 minutes 15 depending on your microwave. I had no idea what my microwave was like compared to others so I decided to stick to 2 minutes thinking it would need longer. It didn't, the cake was perfectly cooked in that time. If fact, it was overcooked. Or i'm assuming that it was. It was rather chewy and rubbery, although not in an awful way. But also not in the 'I want to try this recipe again immediately' way.

It was yummy, but not as great as I expected. Next time I try this I will microwave it for less. I'm positive that's the reason it didn't turn out as great as Maker*land's.

Still, i'm pretty excited that I just baked a cake in approximately 4 minutes!! I just wish i'd had chocolate chips and marshmallows to add on top! Cookies and cream ice-cream had to do.

Thanks for the recipe Maker*land!!


  1. I've never seen a cake like this, but it looks really good :D

  2. It was and it's ridiculously quick to make!! A scary thought for somebody that loves to eat junk food.

    Mine was overcooked which I think why it was a bit too chewy. Be careful not to leave it in the microwave too long if you try it! :)

  3. Hi Becka! Thanks for trying out my recipe, I'm sorry it didn't turn out well for you. I made it again this morning, using a soup mug like the one you have in your picture (I usually use a taller, narrower mug) zapped it for 2 minutes like you and yep, mine turned out chewy and overcooked too. I'd say that because the mixture is spread out over a wider area, it cooks it much quicker. Try a quicker cooking time or a taller mug with a narrower base. And chuck in that extra tablespoon of sugar, if you like sweet things! I'm off to amend my blog post now to advise against the use of a soup mug! I'm really sorry, I thought it would work!

  4. maker*land - you're so awesome for making it again in my mug!! I will definitely try it again in a narrower mug. I might have to wait bait before I do it though - i've been on a bit of a junk-food kick lately and my waist is not appreciating it! Perfecting the mug cake would not be wise at this time! :P

    I'll report back once I remake it! I really want to make a self-saucing version. YUM!